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Error at checkout regarding "zip code"

Two Reasons that frequently occur that may cause an error at Checkout:

The name and billing address provided must match exactly with the name and address on your credit card statement.

The accertify error means that even though funds may be available there was something wrong in the data match up. So if the postal code, address, etc did not match the bank’s information it blocks the order since it is deemed as a potential fraudulent order. The bank gets the initial check to make sure money is available (so it gets debited) but the bank will reverse it once the processor completes their settlement files noting the charge was blocked. If you call the bank the same day, the bank would see it as a charge because it hasn’t been officially settled yet. Unfortunately this can take 5-7 days for all that to get around and the bank’s system updates.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact your credit card issuer for assistance, or try another credit card.