RESELL YOUR USED BOOK$ | Pick up in store or we ship out orders every weekday!


(If you are donating books, please call 416-747-7767)
We provide you an opportunity to re-sell your books!
If your books are accepted, you can get up to 80% on our Consignment Service or we may offer 40%-60% Cash on the spot.


Staff will inform you which titles we will accept based on edition and demand and its current condition.
We encourage you to do the book check if you would like to make sure that we accept them when you arrive.
(or come in-store to have them assessed)

*tip: use cell-phone to fill book check*

Check your used book eligibility to re-sell with Scorpio Bookstore



If offered Cash on the Spot,
Bring your books and get paid in Cash.

(or follow instructions on email response)

If offered Consignment,
You get up to 80% of the used book price when sold!

  1. Drop off your used books

  2. You get an online account to keep track of your books

    If you are a NEW consignor, you will receive an email with access to your online account after filling out our consignor contract. We will provide the contract link via text message.

  3. When your book(s) are sold

  • bring I.D. and pick up your CASH!
  • or etransfer option available ($5/transaction)

Consignment - Frequently Asked Questions

When will my books get sold?

Books typically sell when the course is offered.

Can I take my books back?

Yes, anytime EXCEPT September, January, and May. Please notify us 1 day ahead so we can have it ready for pick up.

What happens if my books don’t sell?

We will contact you if there are any changes with the book demand. You can then decide if you would like it back or to be donated.

When can I pick up my CASH?

Once item sold on consignment, anytime we are open, please bring your I.D. or you can request an E-transfer payout (see below)

You can wait for 1 or all of them to sell, it is up to you.

How do I request an E-transfer?

If you have filled out our contract form, every June of the following year, we will e-transfer you your balance if any.

You can request an e-transfer anytime that you have money to pick up, text your request to 289-654-5330.

Confirm that you accept the $5 e-transfer fee/transaction and provide the same email address we have on file for you. (emailing or calling can be done as well, but we can respond to text message faster)

If you have autodeposit, the funds will be given to usually by end of day or as your bank receives it.

Otherwise, a code will be provided to you to enter.